Our mission is to ensure that every student is treated like family and to provide and support musical educational opportunities for youth enrolled in the Campo Verde High School Band Programs.  We ensure that every student has access to guard, jazz, symphonic, and marching band programs and competitions throughout the year including winter and summer seasons.  We believe that by providing not just a music education but a fine arts education, we foster stronger and smarter students.  We work with teachers and parents in choir, orchestra, and drama departments to ensure every student regardless of income, disability, race, sex, or religion has access to the cultural arts.   We believe that these fine arts programs support strong values and often encourage students to continue with a college education. Our band program is designed to foster camaraderie and competition across the state through public school band organizations.

Purpose and Goals

The Campo Verde High School Band Parent Organization (CVHSBPO) exists to support the Band Program and Band Director at CVHS. We focus on several main goals, including:

1. Fundraising: Our annual budget is approximately $50,000. We have several fundraisers throughout the year.
2. Organizing: We coordinate many aspects of Marching Band, Color Guard, Jazz, Wind Ensemble, Concert, and Percussion, including uniforms, chaperones, band camp meals, and volunteer opportunities.
3. Supporting: The Band Director and music staff in the school benefit from fundraising, budgeting, planning, and volunteering. We are a 501c3 organization and believe in accurate and responsible use of resources.

Standing Rules and Purpose

The purpose of the Campo Verde Band Parent Organization is to provide and support musical educational opportunities for youth enrolled in the Campo Verde High School Band Programs. As an organization, funds will be generated to subsidize these band programs. Funds may be used for musical instruments, uniforms, equipment, rehearsal facilities, transportation, and other costs as defined in the annual approved budget, and to provide for the best music educational opportunities possible. The CVHS BPO will also assist participants in the band program by providing fund-raisers for Individual Participant Fees, which help pay expenditures associated with the band program. Those funds will stay with CVHS BPO until they are needed to pay expenses as suggested by the band director and approved in the CVHS BPO Budget. The CVHS BPO also fulfills a supportive role to the band program and will provide assistance with duties when deemed necessary by the CVHS Band Director.   The CVHS BPO is a volunteer parent organization with the purpose of supporting CVHS band programs and the Band Director. All parents/legal guardians are a part of the BPO, an integral component to the success of the program, and have a unique opportunity to be involved in the organization. It takes significant planning and structure each year to meet the growing needs of the program. Currently, the BPO operates with a structure of officers and specific-purpose volunteer roles. The officers make up the Executive Board and work directly with the Band Director to accomplish the stated purposes of the BPO. The Advisory Board meets monthly throughout the year. The BPO General Meeting is held monthly during the school year (August through May).

Students in the band program get the opportunity to have fun making music, learn to be part of a disciplined team, and get to be involved in many school activities that create lasting memories of their high school experience.  This experience gives them encouragement, as well as a strong basis for future success.  The band booster strives to make sure the band students have the best experience possible.  Please consider volunteering to help us, as there are many ways you can be an active member of ourorganization.  Let's make this the best year yet!