It's time to pay your band fees and there are numerous ways to make payments.  First and foremost, make sure you are participating in all of our fundraising opportunities to help reduce the amount of fees you owe!!

To find out how much you currently owe, please log in to "My Band Account" above (using your student ID number) and navigate to the finance portion of your account to see current balances.
*Please give our booster treasurer at least a week to update accounts.*

**It is important to note that Instrument Rental Fees are a separate district fee and cannot be paid for by tax credit or a check to the boosters.**

Paying with Tax Credit

One of the best ways to pay fees is by utilizing the Arizona State Tax Credit option.  This is a dollar for dollar credit that comes back to you on your state tax filing.  The limit for joint filing is $400 and for individual filing is $200.  Every donation gets credited to your be sure to ask any and all family members and friends for a donation!  Even if you get more donations than you owe, that credit will carry forward to future band fees.

You can donate to tax credit two ways:
1. Online.  Please go to the link below.  Be sure to designate Campo Verde HS and then select "Band" in the activity field.  You may indicate which student this tax credit is for.  Then you MUST send Mr. Kozacek a copy of the email receipt so that your student gets credit.

2. Download a hard copy of the tax credit form and send in with your student to give to Mr. Kozacek.  If you mail it directly, it will take time to credit your student.  Please send in an envelope with a check and give to Mr. Kozacek to get credited immediately.

Paying with a Check

Another way to pay fees is to simply write a check to "CVHS BPO".  You can send the check in with your student and deposit the check in the booster's locked cabinet in the band room.

Paying with Credit Card via Paypal

Log into your student's Charms account by clicking on "My Band Account" above.  You will need to enter their ID number for the password (and then change the password if you'd like).  Navigate to your finances and pay off fees or add money to your account to be applied to the total amount of fees.