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Welcome parents to the Campo Verde Bands!  On this page, you'll find useful information that will hopefully connect you to our program and answers some questions you may have about the CV Band.  Of course, to stay connected, please visit the website regularly, subscribe to our Google Calendar, "like" CV Band on social media, and attend our monthly booster meetings.  Never hesitate to contact the director or a BPO board member if you have questions!

The Band Parent Organization is a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization that supports the band program both financially and philosophically. The BPO Board meets once a month and then the entire organization meets once a month. Please plan on attending "general meetings" as they are the best way to get involved with the CV Band.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that every student is treated like family and to provide and support musical educational opportunities for youth enrolled in the Campo Verde High School Band Programs.  We facilitate student access to guard, jazz, symphonic, drumline and marching band programs and have competitions throughout the year including winter and summer seasons.  We believe that by providing, not just a music education, but a fine arts education, we foster stronger and smarter students. 

By partnering with teachers and parents in the choir, orchestra, and drama departments, access to the cultural arts is further expanded regardless of income, disability, race, sex, or religion.  We believe the fine arts programs support strong values and often encourage students to continue with a college education. Our band program is designed to foster camaraderie and competition across the state through public school band organizations.


Why we exist.

Standing Rules and Purpose

The purpose of the Campo Verde High School Band Parent Organization (CVHS BPO) is to provide and support musical educational opportunities for youth enrolled in the Campo Verde High School Band Programs. As an organization, funds will be generated to subsidize these band programs. Funds may be used for musical instruments, uniforms, equipment, rehearsal facilities, transportation, and other costs as defined in the annual approved budget, and to provide for the best music educational opportunities possible. The CVHS BPO will also assist participants in the band program by providing fund-raisers for Individual Participant Fees, which help pay expenditures associated with the band program. Those funds will stay with CVHS BPO until they are needed to pay expenses as suggested by the band director and approved in the CVHS BPO Budget.

The CVHS BPO also fulfills a supportive role to the band program and will provide assistance with duties when deemed necessary by the CVHS Band Director.   The CVHS BPO is a volunteer parent organization with the purpose of supporting CVHS band programs and the Band Director. All parents/legal guardians are a part of the BPO, an integral component to the success of the program, and have a unique opportunity to be involved in the organization. It takes significant planning and structure each year to meet the growing needs of the program. Currently, the BPO operates with a structure of officers and specific-purpose volunteer roles. The officers make up the Executive Board and work directly with the Band Director to accomplish the stated purposes of the BPO. The Advisory Board meets monthly throughout the year. The BPO General Meeting is held monthly during the school year (August through May).

Making things happen.


Purpose and Goals

The Campo Verde High School Band Parent Organization (CVHSBPO) exists to support the Band Program and Band Director at CVHS. We focus on several main goals, including:


We coordinate many aspects of Marching Band, Color Guard, Jazz, Wind Ensemble, Concert, and Percussion, including uniforms, chaperones, band camp meals, and volunteer opportunities.


The Band Director and music staff benefit from fundraising, budgeting, planning, and volunteering. We are a 501c3 organization and believe in accurate and responsible use of resources.


Our annual budget is approximately $100,000. We have several fundraisers throughout the year and growing community support channels.

Students in the band program get the opportunity to have fun making music, learn to be part of a disciplined team, and get to be involved in many school activities that create lasting memories of their high school experience.  This experience gives them encouragement, as well as a strong basis for future success.  

The band boosters strive to make sure the band students have the best experience possible.  Please consider volunteering to help us, as there are many ways you can be an active member of our organization.  Let's make this the best year yet!








faculty members


annual budget




roy woodruff

Hi, my name is Roy Woodruff and I am currently serving as the Vice President of the BPO Board. This is my third year volunteering with the BPO and my second year on the Advisory Board.

My son, Dalton, plays the trumpet and is currently in the Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band, and volunteers in the United Sound program. In addition, he plays the piano. I am married to Debbie Woodruff, who is also a BPO volunteer, and have one older son, Derek, who is also musically talented and plays the drums, saxophone, and guitar. Even though my musicality is limited to “singing in the shower”, I am fascinated by the Band Programs offered here at Campo Verde.

I was a self proclaimed “band-aid” in high school and hung with the Dobson High Marching Band students, so I understand the hard work involved and the time commitment our students are making.

I have a special place in my heart for the United Sound program as I spent 15 years working with adults and children with special needs in a previous career and have seen first-hand the benefits of programs whose major purpose and goal is integration and instilling a sense of community and friendship. I currently work at Microchip Technology as a Software Engineer. In my spare time, I enjoy working with the Boy Scouts (where I have held numerous leadership positions), researching my family’s genealogy, and traveling.


Vice President


Rene Nasluchacz

I am Rene' Nasluchacz, mom of Christian, Bari Sax Senior in Wind Ensemble and Marching Band. He has been active in the band program since his Freshman year and continues to reap the benefits of music education, teamwork, and rich life experiences. We attended our first General BPO meeting when Christian was in eighth grade and became interested in the CVHS Band programs. Thanks to a boundary exception approval, we have been enthralled and blessed since!

I have had the honor of being the CVHS BPO President for the past two years and amazed by the growth, accomplishments, and inspired by our young adults each day. It has taken me several decades to realize inspiration comes from within and is fueled by thoughts, words, actions, habits, and character. I am in awe of the persistence of our band and guard members and devoted staff because they are focused, resilient, enthusiastic, and bold.

Though my formal education and profession includes several degrees and credentials, these things take a backseat to my volunteer experience at Campo. The most precious components of life rest within relationships, music, art, compassion, and people sharing life connected. The CVHS Band Program brings all of these treasures to the forefront, shining light in the dark places and forever leaving fingerprints on all who choose to be involved. I am privileged to continue my involvement with the BPO as a member at large and exuberant about being actively involved in my son's Senior year. I wouldn't miss it for the world! The BEST is yet to come!




Lesley Davis

My name is Lesley Davis and this is my first year as Secretary for the BPO. My youngest son is new to Campo Verde this year as a freshman and plays alto saxophone in the Concert band. My oldest, is a junior and is in the Marching Band, Wind Ensemble and Green Jazz Band. My husband and I have been active volunteers for the band since my oldest son’s freshman year and I served as the uniform chair for the 2016/2017 school year. We have seen first-hand, the growth of this program and the great things it does for the students and families. I am a City Planner by trade and have worked with many citizen and neighborhood boards over the years. I look forward to serving this band in a more formal capacity and watching the continued growth and success of this program.




Rebecca Kapp

My name is Rebecca Kapp and I currently serve as the Treasure for the BPO Board. My oldest son, Trent, plays for the Jazz Band, Marching Band, Winter Drum Line and volunteers as a mentor for United Sound. For the past couple of years, while volunteering for various band events, I have been very impressed with the amount of band parents who come together to volunteer; all with a common goal to help our kids do great! It is an honor to be a part of the BPO Board to help with and to continue their success. My credentials consist of a wide range of financial and accounting experience with the ownership of three profitable companies, as well as an extensive background in marketing and event planning. Personal interests include architecture, art, traveling and spending time with family.


Member at Large


Anna Nolan

My name is Anna Nolan, and I'm happy to be serving as one of the BPO Members at Large this school year. My husband, Shannon, and I have four children, ages 12, 14, 16, and 18. Our oldest son graduated last year after four years as a double bassist with the CVHS orchestra program and two with the Copper Jazz Band. This year, we're proud to have two kids involved in the CVHS band program. Our daughter, Grace, plays flute with the marching band and the Wind Ensemble. Ethan is a freshman this year and will play baritone in marching band and the new Symphonic Band, as well as trombone in the Green Jazz Band. While I've personally always been more of a choir kid, I have always loved surrounding myself with orchestra and band music from a young age. I have experience as a professional vocalist, and I am active as a teacher and music minister at my church, where my husband the youth music director. Professionally, I work from my home office as a social media director and copywriter for School Webmasters, a company that builds and maintains school websites and social pages.

I'm also on the administrative staff with Chandler Children's Choir—a premier, East Valley youth choir where my youngest daughter has been a member for 5 years—as a social media and marketing specialist. I also love reading and writing, traveling (even if it just means going out to dinner with the husband), trivia (the more trivial, the better), and watching silver screen movies. I have been in awe of the exceptional value our CVHS music programs have added to my children's high school experience. While I've always been a proponent of letting our kids spread their wings on their own, I also understand the importance of parental involvement when it comes to supporting them and helping "backstage" to make programs like this one possible. I'm excited to serve alongside the other amazing parents in our program, at the prospect of helping the organization meet its goals, and to help represent the needs and interests of other band parents as the program grows.


Member at Large


Lisa Morse

I am Lisa Morse and am excited to be a Member at Large for the CVHS band program.  My sons are seniors Nathan and Nolan Morse. They have been heavily involved in all aspects of the band program since their freshman year including Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Copper and Green Jazz, Marching Band and CVIPE.  Over the years it has been rewarding to be able to help where needed in a variety of band programs and work with these fantastic musicians and their parents.  One of my more memorable accomplishments is running the annual Holiday Concert prize drawings.  

For the past two years we have generated thousands of dollars to help the band program and awarded band families, their friends and our supporters’ fantastic prizes! On a personal note I am married Pat Morse, another band parent volunteer and have a 20 year old daughter.  I am a Registered Dietitian and am Clinical Associate Professor in the College of Health Solutions at ASU.


Advisory Board Members

Randy and Anne Field - Marching Band Liaisons
Valerie Bornhoft and Lori Patterson - Guard Liaisons
TBA - Percussion Liaison
TBA - JCW Liaison (Jazz/Concert/Wind Ensemble)

Committee Heads

Program Support - TBA
Fundraising - TBA
Special Events - TBA
Media and Publicity - TBA