Culture -> It’s What We Do!


Last month the marching band leadership team dug into the book Culture Code by Daniel Coyle (2018). This incredible book marked the kick-off to the new season and took a deep dive into the secrets of extremely successful groups ranging from comedy troops to the military. Highly successful groups of people do several things in common while building trust, creating solid relationships that withstand the test of time, and drive positive change. Such environments are breeding grounds for innovation, problem and conflict resolution, and pave the way to goal achievement not matter what obstacles are faced. The Coyote Pride Marching Band has grown exponentially over the past five years while accomplishing huge feats along the way. Yet the work is never quite ‘done’ because students come and go, seasons change, personalities differ, and speed bumps are always just around the corner. 

Author Daniel Coyle shares that culture is not something you are – it’s something you do. The CVHS Coyote Pride Marching Band requires that every person involved (students, staff, parents, volunteers, administration) recognize the power within their own hands to add to the cultural chemistry so that accomplishments flourish while spectators see something different, something unique, something special, something so evident that it sets us apart from everyone else; all because we are ONE, unified group of enthusiastic people who see limitless possibilities to grow….. together. We are not stifled by complacency, egos, excuses, or attracted to mediocracy. We are traveling on a journey together as one team ready for the next challenge. 

Coyle’s research identified three skills found at the core of excellent teamwork:

  1. Build safety to make everyone feel comfortable in working together.

  2. Share vulnerability to show no one needs to be perfect.

  3. Establish purpose through a common goal and a clear path to get there. 

Lesson 1: Form a safe environment so everyone will let their guard down and cooperate.

Lesson 2: Share your own shortcomings to show people it’s OK to make mistakes.

Lesson 3: Build a sense of purpose through a shared goal and a simple way towards it.

A strong, unwavering sense of PURPOSE is at the center of what this book is all about. Interested in learning more? Check it out at: The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle (2018)